Thursday, August 18, 2011

Albany Gameday XVI has people.

We currently have 4 games full of players.  If you are interested in coming to Albany Gameday and don't see a free game you are interested in, let me know.  If I hear from enough people then I can get another DM lined up in either slot.  Zombie Planet is a large store and we have yet to hit our limit of games. 

Check out the slot listings here:

Monday, August 8, 2011

Albany Gameday XVI has slots!

Comment or email (guedo79 at gmail) to sign up for games.

Albany Gameday XVI has a lazy organizer

Here is the list of games offered to be run so far. What I need is confirmation from each DM that they are going to be there and do indeed want to run this or something else. Once I have four I will put up slots and we'll go from there. We should have 20 to 25 people show. Maybe more if I get some ads out into some random places.

Ms. Cadkitty - Fourcore D&D
StephenChast - Fourcore D&D
Crothian - Paranoia
R. Kelly - Star Wars
Woas - Og
Scholar - ??
Keeper of Secrets - M&M DC Heroes vs. Villains